Investigative, Background Check, Compliance, Due Diligence, & Risk Mitigation Services Provider.

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Compliancia Limited is an Investigative, Background Check, Compliance, Due Diligence, & Risk Mitigation Services Provider.

Compared to other background check companies who rely exclusively on databases that only verifies elementary type of data like names, date of birth, or addresses, we at Compliancia digs very deep to uncover facts and critical data on person or a company’s
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We provide actual first hand HUMAN experienced anti-money laundering HOURS of online searches to complement the work performed by your compliance department.

We reveal, unmask and uncover information about your clients and their business partners. PROTECTING your team and your company with unbiased and independent white label reports.

Our reports are detailed, comprehensive, and specific since we assign a lead investigator and compliance officer for each Subject in order to ensure that we are not missing any key information that may have been overlooked that has consequences if ignored. We can investigate any entity regardless of their jurisdiction anywhere around the world to find the most reliable and accurate data of a Subject.

Our clients will have the benefit of being informed, protected, and well-advised on matters concerning any business risks, frauds, and other related issues in their future business deals.

Our lines of defenses for your business

Compliancia utilizes three (3) lines of defense framework to manage risks associated with your exposure to risks and your firm’s adherence to its due diligence risk appetite. The assurance and risk advisory functions exist in the first, second, and third lines of defense.
  • 1

    Compliance Investigation Team

    The First Line (Compliance Investigation Team) begins to pre-identify possible red flags and evaluate its controls to gauge all risks associated with the subject of the investigation.

  • 2

    Due Diligence Investigation Team

    The Second Line - Due Diligence Investigation Team functions with risked based approach to intricately evaluate and assess the subject and implement additional controls of due diligence investigation based on the outcome generated by the FirstLine of defense.

  • 3

    Audit Team

    The Third Line is Audit functions with a systematic approach that carefully validate, evaluate, and improve the results from the investigation of the First and Second Lines of Defense.


Open Source Intelligence


Human Intelligence


Cyber/Digital Network
Intelligence (Cyberspace)



Test us, first one is free

Instead of a long commercial approach with an expensive marketing budget we will provide for FREE your first report. You could request the report to be about yourself, a client or a competitor anyway our work will remain the same.

Money Back Guarantee

Once you become a regular client, if, on rare occasions, we don’t identify relevant information, we will simply not charge for our services.

People Check

Rapid Person Check
USD 140


Comprehensive Person Check
USD 340

Company Check

Rapid Company Check
USD 150


Comprehensive Company Check
USD 350

Bank Compliance Service For Financial Intermediaries


USD 1,500


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    Good looks, expensive cars, fancy jewelleries, and the other nonsense are not valid proofs to know who you are dealing with.

    Make an informed decision with us and avoid jail time.
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