Our Investigative, Compliance & Due Diligence Team

Compliancia Limited is headed by a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and supported by professionals and experts who have backgrounds in law enforcement as investigators, corporate security, cyber risk analyst and business intelligence.

We utilize all our investigative assets and capabilities including our HUMINT (Human Intelligence), OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), CYBINT/DNINT (Cyber/Digital Network Intelligence – Cyberspace), FININT (Financial Intelligence), and all our proprietary databases for our compliance and due diligence services.

  • 1.

    Compliance Investigation Team

    Tasked to pre-identify possible red flags and evaluate its controls to gauge all risks associated with the subject of the investigation.

  • 2.

    Due Diligence Investigation Team

    This team functions with risked based approach to intricately evaluate and assess the subject and implement additional controls of due diligence investigation based on the outcome generated by the First Line of defense.

  • 3.

    Internal Audit Team

    Functions with a systematic approach that carefully validate, evaluate, and improve the results from the investigation of the First and Second Lines of Defense and to conclusively validate the effectiveness of the risk management, due diligence controls, and investigation on the subject, including those related to compliance risk management. The final stage also involves Issue Severity Assessment (ISA) wherein all risks impact and probability are promptly measured, assessed and completed.

Our Clients

We serve Corporate Services Providers, Trust companies, Independents Wealth Managers, Legal Professionals, Certified Public Accountants with a prompt, efficient and confidential service.