How to Check a Company?

A company background check is important before committing with any kind of business transaction. One option is performing a company background check as well as the people running the business. A reliable company check will provide an opportunity for you to screen and identify any hidden information, issues, inconsistencies, or worst, illicit activities.

Here’ are some tips on how to check a company:

TIP # 1: Company Check Online

There are literally tons of open source data and websites online that provides basic data for company check on their registry of companies in various jurisdictions. What you can do is scan online and look for free company registry site that covers the jurisdiction where the company that you are checking for is located at. However, bear in mind that aside from the fact that you will only be getting basic data which are in nature insufficient, you will also be met by the reality that not all countries around the world are covered by these type of sites, and oftentimes, a minimum fee is chargeable per company check or search by company registry providers.

TIP # 2: Check the Owners and Shareholders

A company background check should extend to the owners and shareholders of the company online by looking for any open sources that can help you in your compliance and due diligence. Most global companies, especially those located in offshore jurisdictions would often have several nominee arrangements with plenty of nominee directors that are hidden on several layers of companies in order for them to hide the ultimate beneficial ownership or controlling persons. This type of scenario can be a nightmare in terms of compliance and due diligence.

Again, please remember that most free company registry online only provides basic data about the company such as company name, addresses, company number, jurisdiction and incorporation dates, there’s a big chance that you will not get any kind of beneficial ownership data online, but you can still try this approach.

TIP # 3: Check the Reputation of these Owners and Shareholders

If you get lucky and you are able to properly identify the real owners and shareholders of the company, then the second step is to look for any issues, criminal records, or any kind of unlawful activities on these people. In doing so, you will be able to screen any possible red flags to help you make a sound decision by weighing all your options through risk management.

Start by performing a thorough company background check on the company, its owners and shareholders, and you can do so by running their names online and looking for any problems and issues like being involve in shady deals or committing any unlawful activities.

You may also try to check all their social media accounts online, this will help you get a better impression on their behaviour, personality and inclination. Aside from this, try to check for any professional networking accounts in various platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing that belongs to these people.  


Getting a professional help on how to check a company to do the digging for you will benefit you in a lot of ways, including saving you time, hassle, and frustration on doing something that needs a touch of expertise.

As you may well know, we specialize on in-depth, systematic and methodical background check and investigation on companies and individuals. Since we have already given you some tips in checking a company if its legit, well it’s time for you to consult with us regarding your needs, just send us over an inquiry and we will get in touch with you asap.