Company and business checks is not only important but is a necessity to take precautions on your business deals before sealing the deal.

Our Company Check is concentrated on the operation, management and organization of the company that we are investigating. Our report will normally look for gaps in their system, such as shady or illicit business activities. Significantly, our focus will be to expose and analyze how their business is conducted, how they generate their income, what countries do they operate at, what kinds of services or products do they sell or provide to their clients, what method are they using to sell those services or products, and are they operating a legitimate business.

An in-depth analysis will be made to assess the business activities of the company, pertaining to its services and products, because usually, companies or business with a registered nature of business would deviate or change their services and products, or otherwise engaged in other business activities that is not the original purpose of the company.

We will also search to unmask the ownership structure of the company, particularly their respective shareholders and controlling
persons. This is really important since a company or a business is usually just a vehicle to advance the personal interest of select individuals.

We will also inspect other company affiliations to dig out and reveal the network that the Subject entity is connected to, in order
to determine if a company is either a subsidiary that is owned and operated by another company, acting as a front and dummy, or are they operating independently but has ties to other businesses or companies through schemes or setups to hide their links with
each other.

What you are paying for


  • Contains the actual verified company and trade name of the Subject.


Consisting of the registered lawful information of the Subject such as:

  • Place of Incorporation/Jurisdiction

  • Tenure

  • Company Type

  • Company Status

  • Company Number

  • Incorporation Date

  • Corporate Registry Check (valid source of proof of incorporation)

  • Registered Nature of Business (based on the incorporation docs)

  • Actual Business Activity (verified business activity with valid sources and proofs)

  • Source & Proof of Data


This would include the following validated data about the Subject:

  • Registered Address

  • Other addresses (office/principal/business)

  • Phone

  • Fax

  • E-mail

  • Company Website


  • Actual map validating the addresses acquired from the investigation showing the precise location, vicinity, and surroundings of the registered address linked to the Subject. This is to purposely show whether a location is accurate, because you do not want a manufacturing company as your supplier with an address in the middle of the highway without buildings around at all.


  • A due diligence verification will be made in order to expose all Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO’s) who exercise control over a company or business. For companies under trust arrangements, these are the settlor, trustees, beneficiaries or people who exercises full control over the trust. In terms of management, we will also strive to reveal the corporate structure of the company, from its CEO, president, directors, all the way to other top executive positions who are responsible in running the
    business from the top.


  • After identifying the controlling persons of the Subject company, we will then proceed with the background profiling of each and every discovered controlling person in the report. This background profiling will identify the companies and businesses wherein these controlling persons are connected to, whether as a UBO, President & CEO, or other positions that signifies to be a controlling person.



    This information would be based on the actual and lawful company business purpose that is registered to the regulating body in the country of origin of the Subject that its incorporators have registered themselves.


    A check on the actual and present business activities of the Subject will be performed in order to determine if it is engaged in the business purpose and activities that is it allowed to do so, and if it conducts other services or products other than what is included in its original company purpose. Usually, this data will be based on OSINT information that we are able to cross verify from all sources which are generated about the Subject’s business activities.


    A validation will be made to ascertain if the Subject has engaged in other services or products aside from the business activities that it is currently engaged to.


  • A general search and analysis of the services and products that the Subject is engaged into so as to identify any possible business activity that is considered to be high risk, jeopardizing or damaging to one’s business reputation.

  • A full investigation of the Subject’s business operations, and other companies or businesses that is linked or associated with the company directly or otherwise.

  • Aside from the Subject, a checking on the Subject’s business or company affiliations will also be conducted to uncover their setup and ties with each other as business allies. This check will include a full blown background check on these businesses and companies, as well as a verification on the legitimacy of these entities, whether or not they are registered or functioning on behalf of other hidden controlling persons.

  • A detailed check on the Subject’s historical business operations and activities to uncover any adverse background and reputational issues with clients or other business counterparts.

  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) in searching for any derogatory findings on all controlling person, UBO, top management, and other companies or businesses that is connected to the Subject.

  • A cross border screening for any possible financial trouble, which may include liabilities, bankruptcy checks, foreclosures, financial disputes and government tax liens.

  • We will look and identify any past lawsuits, whether the Subject have a history of suing others or if they have been sued in the past.


Our Reputation Check covers not only the Subject but also all companies and individuals that are mentioned in the report, which are connected to the Subject directly or indirectly. In other words, we will check everyone, and we mean everyone that appears in our investigation report.

We will systematically check and screen the Subject, its connections and affiliations under our following Reputation Checks methods:

  • Global Proprietary Database Check
    A private and restricted international pay-per-view database that screens compliance deficiencies in terms of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML-CTF), risk exposures to KYC processes, financial crimes screening, anti-bribery & corruption, customer risk management, financial risk management, and other regulatory screenings.
  • OSINT Adverse Media Check
    Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) are data obtain from publicly available sources on search engines in order to look for any issues, scams, fraud, and other incriminating vital data.
  • Civil-Criminal Litigation Check
    A check for any civil or criminal litigations and cases that the Subject or its connections and affiliations are the party into, whether as a defendant or a plaintiff. This validation would start in the country of origin of the person or company.
  • International Criminal Record Check
    This checking would cover all crimes that are considered to be transnational in nature, involving several countries, which has an actual or potential effect across state borders and international community criminal violations. These crimes ranges from human trafficking, smuggling/trafficking of goods (e.g. arms, drugs, illegal animals, and other prohibited goods), sex slavery, terrorism and other grossly inhuman crimes that goes against international norms. This checking can come from INTERPOL (International Police) and other international bodies that investigates transnational crimes.
  • Law Enforcement Record Check
    This validation will be executed based on the country or origin and the current nation where the person resides. This record check is to validate whether a person has been a subject of a law enforcement investigation (e.g. police, military and other law enforcement bodies)
  • US Office of the Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) SDN List Check
    SDN or otherwise known as Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List is by definition a list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It also a lists of individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs that are not country-specific. Their assets are
    blocked and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from dealing with them.
  • Global Sanctions Check
    This checking normally covers a full on verification if the person or a company are included and are sanctioned by international regulatory enforcement authorities, sanctions bodies, law enforcement agencies, and financial regulators. Sources of sanctions lists includes United Nations Sanctions List, European Union Asset Freeze, UK – HMT Financial Sanctions Lists, US – Department of State AECA Debarred List, World Bank – Ineligible Firms and Individuals List, EU – Financial Sanctions List, and other international regulatory bodies.
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) Check
    This check is intended to determine if an individual is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or has ties to a PEP, be it a direct family member or a relative. PEP’s are high risk and susceptible to bribery, corruption or other money laundering crimes. By definition, a PEP is a person who has been entrusted with prominent public position or function in a government.